Are these pictures really free?

Yes, all photos on this site are public domain images. They are explicitly placed in the public domain. You can use them freely without asking.

Can I use photos from this site for my commercial project?

Yes, you can use all these pictures whatever you like, in your commercial or noncommercial projects. You can use it in any print or digital publication, on your own website, on any social network, on CD/DVD, television, movie, newspapers, magazines, books, in any business or school project, and for anything else…

Can I edit images?

Yes. All wallpaper images are in public domain, and you can do whatever you like with them. You can use them in your own projects, you can edit them in any photo editing (or in any other) program. You can apply any filters on it, you can crop, resize, merge them, and anything you wish.

Can I have your permission to use one of the photos here?

Yes, and even more, all images on this site are in public domain, so, you don’t need to ask for permission.

Do I need to link back to this site and/or give credit to you if I use public domain images from here?

It would be polite to link to us to support site efforts, please credit PublicDomainBox.com.

Can I copyright these images?

No, you cannot copyright these images as is, they are already in public domain. But you can make some derivative work from any of images from this site, than you can claim the copyright of that derivative work, but not of the original image as is.

Can I hotlink images from my own site?

No, you should download photos you would like to use on your site and then to upload them on your own website, server.

Is there any limitations?

  • Images cannot be used for any immoral or unlawful purposes, or to imply endorsement of any product, service, brand, organization or persons associated with images.
  • You are not allowed to use images from this site to create similar website (be aware that not all image file names, titles, tags, description are in public domain).
  • If you wish to use images for commercial purposes, be aware that standards for commercial use are higher. Specifically you should assume no model releases were obtained from any people on images. Also, any image featuring products or property should be used with care (images featuring identifiable logos or brand names).

Where these public domain images come from?

This is place where photographers, both professionals and amateurs, can share their images and donate them to public domain. Images come from photographers/sources which clearly claim that pictures are explicitly placed in the public domain, where it was possible the appropriate accreditation of photographer, source is given.